Fitting and Pattern Alteration 3rd Edition

//Fitting and Pattern Alteration 3rd Edition

Fitting and Pattern Alteration 3rd Edition


Wearable Art in Everyday Dress (Wardrobe Strategy #2). Introduction to the art series, this publication expands on the use of clothing as wearable art. Learn how to achieve harmony among dominant and subordinate elements of design. Identify factors contributing to your lifestyle and personal style. Material includes extensive Lifestyle and Personal Style Evaluation Exercises.



Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach. By Elizabeth Liechty, Della Pottberg, and Judith Rasband (Bloomsbury Publishing, Inc.). The world’s most comprehensive text on fitting and alteration of patterns and ready-to-wear. It’s the Bible in the industry! Opens with a chapter on the art elements and principles applied directly to fit. Choose fitting by the measurement method, pinned pattern method, and basic trial fitting garment method. Alter by the innovative new hinged seam method, corrected slash method and/or advanced pivot method on basic and fashion patterns. Methods work with all pattern types. Includes updated pants crotch curve alteration instruction. Solutions for 88 figure variations. Learn how to make your personal sloper and check the fit on fashion patterns. Measurement chart included.


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