Fabulous Fit & Fashion Retreat

Conselle invites you to an exceptional, hands-on fitting and pattern alteration 6-day retreat. As you retreat from your everyday cares, learn to achieve a fabulous fit in everything you sew! Spend high value, personalized time with our Master Fitters. Breakthrough the “looking glass self” and improve body image, self-image, and self-esteem! Regarding figure evaluation, measuring, fitting, alteration and fine-tune fitting, Conselle brings you principle-based concepts, practical strategies, and proven applications that are simple to learn, fast, and easy to apply. Each instructor brings her own unique sphere of interest and expertise to the hands-on retreat experience.  It’s an educational experience you cannot get anywhere else. Start fashion sewing again and experience the joy of wearing what you sew!

  • A revealing demonstration of typical figure variations, helping you recognize your own.
  • Evaluate your figure to identify figure variations and figure type. In the process, you will improve
  • your body image, self-image, and self-esteem. We call this image from the outside in.
  • Discover ‘directional measuring,’ learning exactly what you need to know and do for a fabulous fit.
  • Advance your pattern alteration skills using the incomparable ‘seam’ method of alteration.
  • Complete single and combination alterations.
  • Using your altered patterns, ‘cut to fit’ your figure from the start and become adept at ‘speed fitting’.
  • Sew three custom-fit garments, then analyze grain line and wrinkles as clues to fine-tune the final fit.
  • Experience what it’s like to love the results of your efforts.
  • Return home eager to apply the new information and skills you’ve gained

*Attendance is limited to six. If we get more, we fly in Carol Steinbrecher. No more than 3 participants per teacher.


Day 1

Welcome!  Figure Evaluation & Measurement Method of Fitting

A fabulous fit begins with an accurate knowledge of your figure. Experience a “fearless figure evaluation” with the experts. Knowing your own figure variations and figure type, or combination of types, helps you select fashion styles that look terrific and may need little or no alteration. Discover the advantages of “Quick Fit,” “Smart Fit,” and “Alternative Fit” fashion styles for your figure.

See how your figure measures up. With Measuring Made Easy, you will get quick, accurate measurements using the innovative and essential Two-Easy™ Measuring Tape. Working in teams, we will measure your shoulders, chest, back, bust, midriff, waist and arms, preparing you to work with custom fit in the bodice.  We will measure your waist, hips, abdomen, buttocks, crotch curve, and legs, preparing you to work with skirts and pants.

Day 2

Directional Measuring on the Pattern and Alteration by the Seam Method

Surprise, we’ve cracked the “measurement code!”  Watch a concise demonstration showing you how to use the code with “directional measuring,” a new approach that tells you exactly where to make adjustments in the pattern.  It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you thought it was so hard to begin with!

Watch an amazing and detailed demonstration of the revolutionary seam method of alteration that eliminates distortion in your basic and fashion patterns. (This is NOT what your grandmother learned.) Nurture the child within, as you play with the seam method using efficient and effective half-scale practice patterns.

Day 3


Working with the experts, directionally measure your basic skirt pattern. Practice with half-scale patterns on lower torso alterations. Learn how alterations in basic patterns relate to altering fashion patterns. Then alter your skirt pattern as needed, using the seam method. Cut your skirt to fit. Stitch and fine-tune the fit according to speed-fitting guidelines. Create your personalized skirt sloper.

Day 4


Working with the experts, directionally measure your basic pant pattern beginning with the inseam. Practice with half-scale patterns on lower torso pant alterations. Adjusting after each measurement takes the mystery out of where changes need to be made. With the experts in the lead, learn step-by-step how to use the very clever flexible curve to perfect the shape of the pants crotch curve. Alter your pants pattern accordingly. Cut your pants to fit. Stitch pants and fine-tune the fit according to speed-fitting guidelines. Create your personalized pant sloper.

Day 5

Bodice Shell

Working with the experts, directionally measure your basic bodice shell pattern. Practice with half-scale patterns on upper torso bodice alterations. You’ll notice improvements in your understanding and ability with the “Two-Easy™ Measuring Tape” and directional measuring. Then alter your bodice pattern as needed, using the seam method. Cut your bodice shell to fit. Stitch and fine-tune the fit according to speed-fitting guidelines. You’ll be delighted by your improvements in “reading” fitting wrinkles as clues in achieving a truly fabulous fit! Create your personalized bodice sloper.

Day 6

Bodice Sleeve and How to Use a Sloper

Working with the experts, directionally measure your basic sleeve pattern. Then alter your sleeve pattern as needed, using the seam method. Cut your sleeve to fit. Stitch and fine-tune the fit. Enjoy a fabulous mountain setting for a Celebration Luncheon at Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort. Conclude your personal fit experience by learning how to use your personalized patterns as slopers.  Apply your alterations to any fashion pattern you choose.  Experience the joy of a Fabulous Fit.

Optional Sunday Salt Lake City Group Excursion

Enjoy the live International Broadcast of the Tabernacle Choir and

No Host Sunday Brunch before you fly home in the late afternoon.


Fashion is fun again when understanding how to manage your Style and the evolution of your wardrobe. Our program teaches more than trends.  We go beyond cliché and limiting rules or systems. Conselle participants learn how to apply basic concepts of image management to solve real-life image problems. As each concept is mastered, it leads naturally to the next. We gently guide you through the process of creating a personal and/or professional image that looks terrific and doesn’t sacrifice personal style. We call it dressing from the inside out.
Our experienced educators make every session interesting, exciting, and just plain fun. We empower you to discover, develop, define and achieve an image that brings you joy and confidence, and aids you in achieving your goals–in the home, school, community, and/or in the workplace.

  • Identify the elements of image and style
  • Assess your current image objectively
  • Create positive first and lasting impressions
  • Recognize your range of personal style
  • Manipulate the elements of design
  • Balance your body build and personal coloring
  • Determine what wardrobe items to discard or add, and why
  • Assemble a workable wardrobe & organize your closet
  • Sharpen your eye for visual design and harmony in your appearance
  • Use clothing as a resource – a tool to meet your needs
  • Present yourself with poise and positive high impact 
  • Apply stress management to maintain your ideal image personality traits
  • Never be a fashion victim again!

Learn more detail


Participate in lively hands-on practice and feedback with AICI Image Master Judith Rasband, enabling you to style the right outfits or clusters of clothes, the right way, for the right occasions to benefit yourself, your family, and/or your clients.
Watching an outfit coming together in complete harmony is a joy to experience. Learn what works, what doesn’t and WHY! Bring a few favorite clothes of your own for expert direction and inspiration in personal styling. Daily snoop-shopping sprees enable you to transition from classroom learning to in-store applications.

  •  You’ll receive Core Concepts relating to image management and wardrobe styling—able to voice the importance and influence of clothes in everyday life.
  •  You’ll delight in learning the foundational Wardrobe Strategies in sequence, supported by virtual closet demonstration wardrobes.
  •  You’ll be amazed by the logic of the timeless and universal Style Scale® with its four levels of dress—organized, illustrated, and demonstrated for success in everyday life.
  •  You’ll increase your understanding of the Elements of Design used to achieve harmony in an outfit as you apply the Fashion Rule of ONE™.
  •  You’ll discover what goes into the wardrobe styling thought process, experiencing it for yourself as you advance through four levels of evaluation related to lifestyle and personal style.
  • You’ll have fun, sorting through our fashion “boutique” with hundreds and hundreds of garments to choose from as you “scarecrow” exciting new looks.
  • You’ll appreciate the range of choices in garment and accessory style lines and shapes, colors, textures, and patterns you can use to create subtle degrees of difference in mood and message for classic and creative outfits.
  • You’ll participate in the evaluation process, advancing your understanding as you move through points of consideration, discussion, and presentation.
  • You’ll be learning and speaking the Language of Clothes, becoming more fluent in terms of visual design in dress.
  • You’ll recognize the lifestyle and personal style traits communicated by specific elements of design used in the outfits.
  • You’ll come away with greater recognition and understanding of your own personal style preferences, eager to apply your newfound knowledge and ability to your own wardrobe styling and to styling for your family and/or clients.
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