• This second edition combines a user-friendly approach to the fitting process with a dynamic visual presentation of technical procedures. Illustrations and photos guide you through the process of identifying a figure variation, recognizing incorrect fit and its cause, measuring the body and corresponding pattern area, adjusting the pattern, and altering garments. It is a complete fit book, with solutions for 62 figure variations for the bodice, sleeves, skirts, and pants. This book is the essential guide to fashion selection, fitting, and alteration.
  • Wearable Art in Everyday Dress (Wardrobe Strategy #2). Introduction to the art series, this publication expands on the use of clothing as wearable art. Learn how to achieve harmony among dominant and subordinate elements of design. Identify factors contributing to your lifestyle and personal style. Material includes extensive Lifestyle and Personal Style Evaluation Exercises.
  • A 34 piece master set of basic and fashion patterns, rendered in half scale, to be photocopied for use in practicing pattern alteration and flat-pattern design procedures before you carry them out on full-scale fashion patterns. Highly recommended.
  • A marvelously innovative set of measuring tapes designed by Conselle associate, Lorraine Henry. You get the Measuring Made Easy booklet with measurement method, sequence, and location; a two-ended tape with 0 in the middle and its companion tape that slides right on. Let’s you measure front and back all at the same time, also measure front and back crotch curve and inseam all at the same time. Unique in all the world.
  • Repairs knits, woven garments, and more!